ToothPic, an Italian cybersecurity company and a University spinoff of Politecnico of Torino, has developed and patented the only unclonable passwordless authentication solution based on the unique features of the smartphone camera sensor. Protected by 4 international patents, ToothPic secures the MFA process by encrypting keys on smartphones through a secret extracted from a hardware characteristic of the device itself: the unique and unclonable pattern due to manufacturing imperfections of camera sensors - a feature that makes every smartphone unique. With this technology, the private key is never exposed and stored in the device's memory. In this way, the key is protected from malware. Even if the entire content of a device were cloned, the cloned credential would be unusable as the destination device has a camera sensor different from that of the original device that generated that credential. ToothPic guarantees a higher security level thanks to its unclonable features, passwordless and frictionless user experience, fast access, and lower TCO.