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As digital transformation brings more automation, speed, sustainability and safety to new sectors, join us at the frontier of cross-industry collaboration and innovation.

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Once again, 4YFN - the place for startups to connect and inspire - is located at the heart of MWC Barcelona. One ticket, double the opportunity: not only will you have access to keynotes, debates and panels from startup thought leaders, but you’ll also enjoy all the networking opportunities and insights of the industry’s most influential connectivity event.

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Our activities place people at the centre of innovation and value creation. The world we live in is full of complicated challenges – eg the number of women in tech leadership roles has fallen significantly in the last year - the answers need to come from all sections of society. D4T brings together thought leaders who inspire, connect and share solutions for equality, diversity and inclusion.

The D4T programme feeds into the MWC conference theme ‘Our Digital DNA

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