Our key themes are the backbone of the keynotes and summits at MWC Las Vegas 2024 – all thought leadership is based on them. We take time to identify the big topics that you need to be on top of today, so your enterprise can scale new heights tomorrow.

5G and Beyond

5G has been a catalyst for building intelligence at the network edge, and with the next phase of 5G Advanced underlining the need for end-to-end AI integration, future mobile generations will learn fast, self-orchestrate, and open new possibilities of how we can interact with our devices. Be it through holographic communications or gesture recognition to support extended reality-based applications, even 6G is beginning to find its form. But as the rollout of mobile generations gets shorter, the return on investment takes longer. And as each generation presents new features and a wealth of new opportunities, is patience needed at a time when the industry is speeding up?


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Connecting Everything

According to GSMA Intelligence, by 2030, there will be 6.3 billion unique mobile subscribers globally, with five billion global 5G connections. The industry is truly connecting everyone, but with the number of connected IoT devices set to reach over 15 billion in two years, connecting everything requires network solutions that are open, seamless, sustainable, and secure. Now more than ever, the growing mobile ecosystem needs to work together; from cloud hyperscalers, Tower and Fibre companies to satellite providers. Only by collectively building more adaptable, automated and cost-efficient networks can we fast-track the development of new solutions for businesses and consumers.


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Humanising AI

The impact of Generative AI continues to create headlines but within a fast-changing tech landscape, it is important to focus through a practical lens. From the potential to optimise processes and tools that can accelerate transformation in the network or cloud, to bringing new levels of natural interaction between people and computers that can deliver personalised experiences for customers - the hype surrounding Generative AI is one being built on top of valuable foundations. And at the heart of it is data and data management. The pace of change is both disruptive and exciting, and we’re only just getting started.


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Manufacturing DX

Manufacturers are putting significant time and money behind their digital strategies. While 5G provides benefits to all economic sectors of the global economy, manufacturing, driven by applications such as smart factories and warehouses, may benefit most with its natural setting for private wireless networks and data-led solutions. Technologies are broadening the competitive landscape, providing sustainable solutions that increase factory efficiency, improve production performance and decrease cost. With institutions such as the European Commission and companies increasingly investing in AI and robotics, can the true value of Industry 4.0 finally be captured?


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Game Changers

Where is technology going in 2024? Looking ahead is always a tricky business, particularly with the rise of technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change industry dynamics. Big data has shifted to small data as AI enables personalised experiences for every consumer, with record investment in quantum computing soon to be capable of solving problems up to 100 million times faster than traditional computers. Extended reality is breaking the boundaries between digital and physical worlds. And use cases and ecosystems continue to grow and change. Will tomorrow’s smartphone be an AR/VR headset or an ambient assistant? Tomorrow’s technology begins today.


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Our Digital DNA

Across the telecom ecosystem, sustainability, diversity and attracting new talent has extended beyond corporate social responsibility to become core strategic priorities. The scale and scope of technological evolution means the business of attracting and retaining talent is expected to grow twice as fast in the next ten years. Yet, the number of women in tech leadership roles has fallen significantly in the past year. And while industry players take a more circular approach to operate in increasingly sustainable and energy efficient ways, we are still falling short of reaching our UN targets. Our digital future is emerging and it’s vital to implement change by making societal change part of our DNA. Our digital DNA.


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