Environmental Programme

What is the Environmental Programme?

It is our carbon neutrality programme committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. We work closely with Barcelona City Council, L ’Hospitalet City Council, Fira Barcelona, exhibitors and local partners to minimize the impact of our show.

Our objectives are:


100% of the event’s power consumption comes from green energy sources. 40% of this energy is produced in local wind farms, minimizing power distribution losses.


We’re encouraging people to be greener with easy ways to mitigate your impact on the environment when attending MWC Barcelona 2024.


We will be implementing additional opportunities to reduce our event’s environmental impact.


We foster the adoption of sustainable practices supporting our Exhibitors and Partners to create a successful and sustainable event experience.

Barcelona is proud to be a Biosphere World Class Destination. Since 2011, the city holds the Biosphere responsible tourism certificate in line with the international criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.