Environmental Programme

What is the Environmental Programme?

It is our carbon neutrality programme committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment, both in our offices and at our events. We work closely with Barcelona City Council, L ’Hospitalet City Council, Fira Barcelona, exhibitors and local partners to minimize the impact of our show.

Our objectives are:


100% of the event’s power consumption comes from green energy sources. 40% of this energy is produced in local wind farms, minimizing power distribution losses.

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    Green energy sources

    100% of the event’s power consumption comes from green energy sources. 40% of this energy is produced in local wind farms, minimizing power distribution losses.
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    Cutting-edge technology

    In Halls 5 and 7 our water and energy are from sustainable and green generation plants using biomass. The cooling systems use regasification and CCHP.
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    Energy efficiency

    We use cutting-edge technology in efficient and sustainable heating and air conditioning systems and continuously improve energy efficiency by employing low-consumption LED lighting and 24/7 real-time energy consumption monitoring for precise decision-making and energy saving.
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    Our temporary features and projects are designed with reusability as a priority. Our catering production has reduced single-use plastic. Surplus food, oil and food service materials are donated to local re-use schemes.
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    Waste management

    We have increased the use of compostable and recyclable materials and have fixed points to manage multiple waste streams such as glass, oil, cardboard, wood and organic waste with trained personnel and technology. We work with in-hall patrols to follow up the waste generation during build-up and tear-down, avoid waste abandonment and promote waste segregation.


We’re encouraging people to be greener with easy ways to mitigate your impact on the environment when attending MWC Barcelona 2023.


NEW for MWC23 we will be implementing additional opportunities to reduce our event’s environmental impact.

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    More recycling

    We're excited to announce that MWCB23 will be the first large-scale event to recycle its more than 70,000 m² of recycled polypropylene carpet to reconvert into new carpet rolls or into greenery pots, furniture accessories, etc.
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    More digital

    To minimize printing and plastic consumption, we use a Digital Access Pass to enter the event. As an essential part of the event experience, you can also print your networking badge that you will be able to recycle in the paper recycling bins located around the venue.
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    More sustainable

    We will be using lanyards manufactured using recycled materials and free of plastic or metal pieces for easier recycling.


We foster the adoption of sustainable practices supporting our Exhibitors and Partners to create a successful and sustainable event experience.

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    Go digital

    Send e-brochures rather than printing hard copies. Allow attendees to download relevant content via a QR code. Download documents you need instead of printing.
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    Be eco-aware

    Choose KM Zero options from our food outlets. Minimise the use of water where possible. Use biodegradable tableware for your stand. Turn off lights, heating and electrical devices when leaving your hotel room.
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    Use recycled paper where possible. Separate your waste into the correct recycling areas.
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    Green design

    Apply environmentally-friendly principles to the design of your stand.
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    Carbon footprint

    Follow these four steps to offset your carbon footprint: complete your travel and accommodation data, calculate your carbon footprint, select your favourite project to compensate and offset your carbon footprint. You will receive a Clean CO2 Certification with your carbon neutral status.

Barcelona is proud to be a Biosphere World Class Destination. Since 2011, the city holds the Biosphere responsible tourism certificate in line with the international criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.