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Our Digital DNA at MWC Barcelona

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Delve deeper into the pressing issues of today and tomorrow like digital inclusion, diversity and sustainable technology.

Making societal change part of our future

Across the telecom ecosystem, diversity and attracting new talent has become more than just a bunch of corporate social responsibility cliches.

The scale and scope of technological evolution means the business of attracting and retaining talent is expected to grow twice as fast in the next ten years. Yet, the number of women in tech leadership roles has fallen significantly in the past year. And while industry players take a more circular approach to operate in increasingly sustainable and energy efficient ways, we are still falling short of reaching our UN targets.

Our Digital DNA in numbers

  • 28%

    At 32%, the share of women working in tech is now lower than it was in 1984, when it was 35% and the percentage of women in tech leadership roles has fallen to 28% in 2023. ¹

  • 73%

    73% of consumers would stop transacting with a brand that did not sufficiently protect their data. ²

  • £8.4T

    Cybercrime remains on the rise. Estimates suggest we’ll see the global cost rise to £8.4 trillion annually by 2025. ³

  • 25%

    25% of consumers and 22% of investors cite a “zero tolerance” policy toward companies that embrace questionable practices on the ethical front. ⁴

"The best way for us to measure success is to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

- Doreen Bogdan-Martin, ITU

“Creators have the choice to work with us or with one of our many competitors, and we attract them to Netflix with more than just competitive terms and flexible deals. Those are important of course, but more important is how we support their artistic vision.”

- Greg Peters, Netflix