Diversity4Tech at MWC Barcelona

Redefining purpose, leading change and driving value.

Diversity4Tech sponsors

Diversity4Tech. Leading change and impact through MWC Barcelona.

Diversity4Tech (D4T) at MWC Barcelona showcases the mobile ecosystem’s collective commitment to this strategic business priority to accelerate change and impact so that people, industry and society thrive.

With the industry’s proactive leadership and measurable actions, we can unleash the full power of DE&I.

Together, we are redefining purpose, leading change and driving value.

Diversity4Tech activities share the latest thought leadership on diversity, equality and inclusion.

D4T activities bring together expert thought leaders who inspire, connect and share solutions for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Now, more than ever, we need to place people at the centre of innovation and value creation.

Expanding conversations on the wider case for DE&I Diversity, equality and inclusion:

  • REQUIRES proactive leadership
  • MEETS the demands of the future
  • ELEVATES opportunity
  • LEADS change and impact
  • FUELS innovation
  • DELIVERS valuable outcomes
  • TRANSFORMS the workplace
  • IMPACTS people, business, and society as a whole

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