Text'nPayMe is a banking keyboard that enables banks’ clients to send money in any messaging application, plus in any other application where they can find an input field.
The traditional payment process is not intuitive and the payment is not in the context of the conversation. Whenever you need to make a simple financial transaction you have to switch between the social and banking apps, take 5-7 steps to make a payment.
But it’s natural to pay at the place where the conversation has started.

Banks are losing the P2P market. It is validated by the five major messengers who took advantage of the situation and launched their payment systems.

Our solution is here to fix the situation: by integrating our application with the banks’ existing digital ecosystems, we help banks to increase their profit margin eliminating the risk of losing their existing client base, at the same time attracting new ones.

Text'nPayMe - blending payments into our daily lives.