Alternative Energy Innovations


Spinoff of the UAB’s Microelectronics department and EU-Key-Innovator in autonomous self-powered Sensors.
AEinnova transforms energy-demanding industries into more digital ones with the most negligible environmental impact.
Our major innovation is to create sensing solutions for the machinery's predictive maintenance and steam leak detections in steam traps. Sensors are NETZERO and ATEX certified (able to work in explosive environments). They are:
+Batteryless and heat or wind-powered.
+Maintenance-free & plug & play.
+Send data every few seconds using long-range wireless (LoRaWAN-NB-IOT/LTE-M).
+Processed data in the device (edge computing).
+Data is presented in DAEVis, our powerful AWS Cloud platform.
+We use a highly sensitive and accurate 3-axis vibration sensor/ultrasound, for the detection.

We have projects in the Oil&gas,Chemical,petrochemical,biogas,power plants,iron&steel&aluminium, paper, rubber, water, textile, pharma...
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Our technology brochure:
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AEInnova is EU-Scaleup invested by the EIC-Fund and EIT-Innoenergy