Connectivity: The 5G Era

Connectivity: The 5G Era at MWC 2020 aims to highlight how next-generation networks will form the basis of wide-reaching value creation and economic impact. We will take a broad look at the enterprise connectivity ecosystem, from implementation, to use cases, scalable platforms, business models, spectrum, regulation, and investment to the business and cultural challenges of working with new and diverse markets/industries. Realising the full potential of global connectivity is both complex and challenging, but the opportunity is near limitless in its application and impact.

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Our Sponsor’s Views

The future of connectivity gets turbo-charged in the 5G era. New business models and cross-industry opportunities will drive competitive advantage. Need a strategy? Ask Deloitte.

“The future of connectivity offers breathtaking possibilities. Digital transformation will yield previously unimaginable growth opportunities. Interconnected business ecosystems will span multiple market segments. Technologies will combine to transform the way we live and work.”

Craig Wigginton

Global Telecommunications Leader, Deloitte

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