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Cellular IoT Next Steps: RedCap and 5G+X evolution

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Wed, 28 Feb: 14:45 - 18:30 CEST

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Partner Theatre 5, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


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As technology evolves, the Cellular IoT space witnesses a transformative shift, led by RedCap's efficient yet lightweight approach to IoT connectivity and the convergence of 5G with AI, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. This powerful blend is reshaping both our lives, societies, and industries, unlocking new efficiencies, and driving digital transformation. At this summit, experts will explore how these advances are paving the way for growth and innovation in the global market. This summit contains an opening session and 2 sessions for RedCap and 5G+X evolution respectively.


Opening Session



Session 1: Lightweight but Efficient Choice: RedCap Redefining IoT Connectivity


5G has been deployed for several years, showing its great values in many use cases. However, there are quite a few cases where a lightweight and cost-effective solution is wanted. RedCap, defined from 3GPP Release 17, is regarded as a new choice for connecting wearables, automotives, industrial IoT devices, empowering traditional industries to transform and upgrade, and enabling new services to emerge and grow. 2024 is likely to be the first year for RedCap commercial launches, and this session will discuss not only use cases and deployment plans, but also product readiness and technology trends.




Session 2: Innovative Convergence: 5G+X Igniting Value Beyond Connectivity


As 5G technology rapidly gains momentum across the globe, it’s converging with cutting-edge innovations like AI, Cloud Computing, and IoT to unlock transformative potential in vertical industries. This powerful combination is reimagining how businesses operate, delivering unprecedented levels of efficiency, automation, and intelligence to drive growth, enhancing customer experiences, and creating new revenue streams across a broad spectrum of vertical markets.


At GSMA MWC 2024, industry experts and visionaries will gather to delve deeper into how these game-changing technologies are shaping the future of business and society. Join us as we explore the latest use cases, discuss key challenges and opportunities, and chart a course for a intelligent world where 5G and beyond become the backbone of progress and innovation.


Some key topics will be explored in the session:

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