Navigating the future: 2024 Investment and technology trends

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Thu, 29 Feb: 09:30 - 12:45 CEST

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Beta Lab, Hall 8.1 - 4YFN


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Whether you're at the beginning of your startup's journey or at an advanced stage… join us and attend exclusive panels of Founders and Investors. You will hear from Founders themselves of how they are using Generative AI to accelerate their startup and revolutionize the market. You will get to hear from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors the main challenges they faced during their startup journey, the key challenges for fundraising in 2024, and their best tips on how to navigate them.



09:45-10:25 | Revolutionize your startup velocity: mastering GenAI for rapid innovation (session in English)

Ready to skyrocket your startup game? Immerse yourself in the game-changing world of Generative AI with our exclusive panel! Join forces with visionary Spanish GenAI startups as they unveil the secrets to their success. From groundbreaking strategies to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, witness how these tech trailblazers speed-up idea validation and propel startups to new heights.


Speakers: Ariadna Font Llitjós, Co-founder and CEO, Alinia | Ramón Navarro Bosch, Co-founder and CTO, Nuclia | Alvaro Higes, Co-founder and CEO, LuzIA | Ignacio Mulas, CSO and VP of Engineering, Stratio.

Moderator: Miguel Vilariño, Manager Startup Solutions Architecture, AWS Europe South


10:30-11:10 | Confessions of a Founder's journey and startup revelations (session in English)

Unlock the secrets to success as three seasoned founders spill the beans on their entrepreneurial odyssey: failures, pivots, triumphs and more! They will share, first-hand, the unfiltered stories behind their startup ventures - from navigating challenges to making sacrifices, so you can learn from their mistakes.


Speakers: Bernat Farrero, Co-founder and CEO, Factorial | Samir Tahraoui, Co-founder and CEO, LablaBee | Benoit Menardo, Co-founder, Payflow.

Moderator: Arantxa Palacio, Startup Strategic Business, AWS Europe South


11:15-11:55 | The keys to a successful fundraising in 2024 (session in Spanish)

Discover the keys to successful fundraising in the challenging landscape of 2024! Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with seasoned investors, where we dive into the strategies that will set your startup apart. In the midst of fundraising uncertainties, these experts will share invaluable advice on sparking investor interest, making confident decisions amid risks, and selecting the right partners to propel your venture forward.


Speakers: Luis Garay, Partner, Samaipata | Mercè Tell, General Partner, Encomenda | Aniol Brosa, Partner, Inveready.

Moderator: Aleix Casals, Senior Business Development Manager for Startups, AWS Iberia


12:00-12:40 | Female Tech Leaders Breaking Barriers: Fireside chat on VC Funding, Tech, and Startup Dreams (session in English)

Join us for an insightful discussion on overcoming implicit biases in the fundraising landscape for underrepresented founders. Uncover the challenges faced by female founders and leaders and gain firsthand strategies from our expert panel. From navigating the tech industry to securing VC funding, our dynamic session will empower you to face these challenges head-on.


Speakers: Cristina Bentué Arantegui, Co-founder and COO, IriusRisk | Marta Antunez, Hub Director, Wayra | Beth Faus, Principal, Seaya

Moderator: Veronica Tisera, Head of Startup Marketing, AWS EMEA South


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