Fintech Programme - Fintech Fusion: AI & Emerging Forces


Mon, 26 Feb: 11:00 - 12:15 CEST

Open to All


Sky Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


Session Description

The fintech industry is currently undergoing a profound transformation, driven by rapid digital adoption and the significant rise of AI, along with other burgeoning trends such as gaming and social commerce. This radical shift is poised to have a global impact, reshaping the market landscape. Fintech companies face the ongoing challenge of staying competitive, requiring constant innovation as new disruptors, particularly generative AI, are on the horizon, set to revolutionize the industry in the next decade. In this dynamic environment, discovering revenue opportunities & proactively implementing strategies is crucial.


11:00-11:30 FinTech and beyond: How to spot sustainability in the world of Blockchains 

In this keynote, Daniel will present the initial findings of his current research investigating the sustainability characteristics of distributed ledgers. His thesis is simple: sustainable platforms are not optional but essential for global blockchain adoption. He predicts that the international investor community will favour environmentally friendly platforms that offer high levels of stability, treat users fairly, have low and predictable pricing, are governed well and have privacy features. Complimentarily, sustainable use cases built on sustainable blockchains offer new opportunities. Dan will discuss some examples to make the case. Join this session to understand this exciting next-generation decentralised fintech baseline better.

11:30-12:15 Panel: Fintech Fusion: AI & Emerging Forces 

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