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Tue, 27 Feb: 15:15 - 17:00 CEST

Open to All


Earth Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


Session Description

Uncover the latest advancements and challenges in AI and other deep tech applications within the health sector. From groundbreaking AI use cases to shifting the focus from curing to prevention,  Venture into the concept of the hospital at home and learn about venture capital trends shaping the health tech landscape. Be at the forefront of healthcare innovation, engaging with experts who are defining the trajectory of tomorrow's healthcare. This session is your gateway to understanding the technologies that are shaping the future of healthcare delivery.


15:15 - 15:30   :   Preventive Medicine: Shaping Healthcare Future with AI-driven Tools

- Sourabh Pagaria, European Vice President & Managing Director in Southern Europe, Siemens Healthineers


15:30 – 15:55   :   Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Cutting-Edge Innovations and 5G Connectivity

KPMG and Verizon have collaboratively introduced the world's first fully 5G-enabled hospital, envisioning a future with seamless communication and transformative technologies like Computer Vision, AI, GenAI, IoT, Extended Reality, and Blockchain. These innovations not only enhance patient outcomes and operational efficiency but also bridge healthcare gaps globally. Join in shaping a future where 5G connectivity propels healthcare towards a brighter, more interconnected world.

- Greg Corlis, Partner - Emerging Technologies, KPMG LLP

- Michael Zirkle, Vice President, 5G Commercialization, Verizon

- Christian Lindmark, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Stanford Healthcare


15:55 - 16:25   :   Scaling Health Innovations: A Journey of Mistakes, Learnings & Missteps

Explore in this panel the highs and lows of the main scaleups in digital health innovation. Learn from their insights as they engage in a discussion about the challenges, lessons, and successes in their journey towards healthcare transformation.

- Cristian Pascual, President, Barcelona Health Hub (Moderator)

- Anna Nicolau, Chief Product Officer, Neuroelectrics

- Gabriel Maeztu, CDO and Founder, IOMED

- Teo Sardà, CDO, Top Doctors


16:25 – 17:00   :   Defining Tomorrow: VC Insights on the Digital Health Landscape

Explore the transformative role of venture capital (VC) in shaping the digital health landscape. Delve into discussions on fostering diversity, navigating ethical considerations, ensuring data privacy, and strategizing for the future of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Discover how VC funding drives accessibility and inclusivity in universal healthcare, paving the way for innovative solutions and sustainable growth.

- Helena Torras, Managing Partner, Paocapital (Moderator)

- Iñaki Berenguer, Managing Partner, LifeX

- Ryan Collins, Managing Partner, MassMutual Ventures

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