Yassir Rais Radi Benjelloun

CEO/Founder, Syra Coffee

Speaker Bio

Yassir Rais is the founder, CEO and first Barista of Syra Coffee. In 2015, he opened the first coffee shop in Barcelona with the mission to bring good coffee into people’s daily routines. With a background in Architecture, he has managed to build a brand that harnessed a community around his spaces, as well as a disruptive business model that made specialty coffee more accessible to everyone.During the pandemic, Yassir managed to turn things around for the company. From his Masters in Parametric Design, he brought forward the vision of a data-centric business operation and, with it, he now leads the fastest growing and leading specialty coffee brand in Spain.Syra Coffee grew from 12 locations in 2021 to 43 this 2023, located in 7 different Spanish cities, sourcing directly from more than 60 families and coffee farming cooperatives around the world, serving more than 2 million drinks in 2023, and launched the Syra Coffee App that is ranking in the top 50 F&B apps in Spain within the first 12 months.