Digital Transformation for Peace Building


Wed, 28 Feb: 15:00 - 15:30 CEST

Open to All


Agora Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


Session Description

We’re the middle of the digital revolution as well as major conflicts, we as leaders need to be aware of global technological issues to make sure data and digital tech can benefit everyone, cause minimal harm and provide solutions. Technology is the main topic in most fields today, and runs across different parts of our lives 24/7, creating an unprecedented dependency for everything. Misinformation is spread intentionally and unintentionally on a massive scale shifting the balances of political power. Today we lack the international legal, institutional structures and public policies to mitigate them, therefore we need a framework to promote good governance now. 


Citizens need to engage in productive democratic discussions where governments, tech companies, researchers, investors and civil society, convene to ensure peace, security in the digital world and build peaceful solutions. 

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