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5G and beyond

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An in-depth look at 5G and its impact, at MWC Barcelona 2024

How 5G is shaping the future

The benefits of 5G are many and varied - 5G has been a catalyst for building intelligence at the network edge, and with the next phase of 5G Advanced underlining the need for end-to-end AI integration, future mobile generations will learn fast, self-orchestrate, and open new possibilities of how we can interact with our devices.

At MWC Barcelona 2024, you can expect to see thought leadership and discuss IoT advancements, 6G, the transformation of industries, smart cities and networked infrastructure – plus how this key technological advancement will change the future of economies worldwide.

5G in numbers

  • 5.9B

    Globally, connections are expected to reach 1.9 billion by end of 2023, rising to 5.9 billion by end of 2027.¹

  • $2208.25B

    The global 5G services market is estimated to reach $2,208.25 billion by 2030.²

  • 20X

    Smartphones connected to 5G will reach download speeds of around 87.5 MB/s - about 20x faster than 4G.

  • 57%

    57% of enterprises plan to invest in 5G in the next one to three years.³


"The most important technology investments will continue to be network upgrades. Telcos should continue to focus on how best to use evolving tools like AI and machine learning for service and operating improvements as the rollout of 5G (and, eventually, 6G) will unleash a range of new apps and Web 3.0 technologies. "

– Mark Gibson, Global Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications, KPMG International, and Head of TMT, KPMG US


5G thought leadership from across the GSMA

²Grand View Research, Inc.
³Reimagining Industry Futures Study 2023, EY