Accenture at MWC Barcelona Reset. Reinvent. Rebound.

Accenture at MWC Barcelona *Reset. Reinvent. Rebound.*

Happy New Year! At Accenture we remain cautiously optimistic about our annual pilgrimage to Barcelona; excited to connect with colleagues and peers who we haven’t seen in far too long. MWC ’22 is just around the corner and like most everything else, transformation is happening all around us. The world is a profoundly different place than it was 2 years ago and the opportunity to reset, and reimagine the future, has never been more prevalent than it is today.

Like many of you, we’re taking the opportunity to re-assess our presence during the show and while our approach may be more conservative than in years past, the undercurrent of excitement within the company is palpable given the exciting new turn we are taking. Not only are we moving to a new location in Hall 4, but we are also very proud to announce that this year, Accenture will be featured as the GSMA’s exclusive Industry City Knowledge Partner. Accenture’s deep cross-services expertise including AI, Cloud, 5G/Edge, Security and Data & Analytics, combined with our unique depth and breadth of industry knowledge across 20 unique industries, puts us in bulls-eye position to lead the digital transformation and growth strategies amongst our very, distinctive and differentiated groups of clients. And it’s no different within the telecommunications space. Wielding the power of the latest in technology, new business models and a reimagined vision for the customer experience, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are clearly in pole position to orchestrate new growth for both themselves as well as the cross-industry B2B and B2C clients that they serve. In collaborating with the GSMA as MWC’s Industry Knowledge Partner, Accenture looks forward to articulating the opportunity for the CSP along the entire continuum - from core to edge - while illustrating new Transformative new use cases in Manufacturing, Smart Mobility, FinTech, Health and more.

We hope you’ll join us in Barcelona as we collaboratively navigate the future. Schedule a time to visit our booth or attend one of our speaking sessions.

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