Orange Plus Communications (OPC) offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including:
- ORAN-compatible 4G/5G BTS, encompassing
hardware, software, and integration. Targeting
public indoor/outdoor coverage, private networks,
FWA, and more.
- XG(S) Passive Optical Network (PON), featuring
OLT and ONU, enabling speeds of up to 10 Gbps
for FTTH, FTTB, and Passive Optical LAN (POL).
- 5G BTS over PON. By deploying this innovative
solution, OPC leverages existing PON deployments
for 5G fronthaul, leading to a significant reduction in
fibre spending and streamlining radio head
complexity. This translates to substantial costs and
power savings.
- Enterprise-class wireless access controller and
WiFi-6 access points. OPC's innovative WLAN
architecture prioritizes scalability and performance,
offering exceptional flexibility, high-speed
connectivity, and advanced security for small and
medium-sized deployments.