Our app-based product family for digital identity – SplitKey, SplitKey+ and SplitKey CSP – is unique and the best in class. The patented SplitKey technology allows secure authentication and digital signing, providing eIDAS1-compliant “high” level authentication. SplitKey+ allows additional biometric authentication. SplitKey CSP is a hardware agnostic digital identity wallet solution and ready to be implemented in any mobile device.

Our background: Cybernetica has 25-years of experience in building future-proof digital products that rely on research and development. Cybernetica has been a key partner in developing Estonian e-governance solutions, making Estonia known as the most digital society in the world. Our unique expertise centres around e-governance core technologies such as digital identity and secure data exchange, combined with information security of the highest standard. Today our technologies are used in more than 35 countries around the world, from Japan, Ukraine, Tunisia, Aruba to Benin and many more.