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Designed to be exceptionally thin and fashionable, the out-warding foldable smartphone is just 8.6mm when folded and 4.3mm when unfolded, setting a new record for the thinnest foldable smartphone. Representing the intersection of fashion and technology, the HONOR V Purse beautifully brings to life the "phone-to-purse" concept, and in doing so, defines a new category of technology, offering a new stylish option for fashion-forward consumers.
With the new HONOR V Purse, your smartphone seamlessly transforms into the ultimate phy-gital fashion statement, thanks to a series of customizable designs that mimic a handbag design of your choosing, while a choice of interchangeable straps and chains that clip onto the HONOR V Purse‘s hinge allow you to effortlessly wear your smartphone over your shoulder or carry it in your hand. Unfolding the smartphone is an experience in and of itself, as the clasp unlocks the screen with a satisfying click, just like the buckle on your favorite clutch.