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Channel Technologies


Channel Technologies is a consortium of advanced telecom software development and business services entities, shaping the future of connectivity!
Channel Systems leads with the ChannelX platform, seamlessly integrating mobile devices into crucial business processes. This white-label solution extends beyond conventional telecom services, adapting across industries for MNOs, MVNEs, and Enterprises.

Livecom stands out for cutting-edge voice solutions in mobile telecom, offering IVR, voicemail, and contact center services. Serving a diverse clientele—MNOs, MVNEs, and Enterprises—Livecom meets varied industry needs.

Livecharge, an intelligent billing engine, provides extensive billing and collection services for MNOs, MVNEs, and Enterprises, ensuring seamless financial transactions that enhance operational efficiency.

iPass delivers Devicescape software, enabling smooth transitions between Wi-Fi and 4G/5G. With cutting-edge off-loading technology and secure VPN connectivity, iPass caters to MNOs, MVNOs, and OEM manufacturers, revolutionizing traditional services. Together, these entities form a dynamic force driving innovation in the telecom landscape.