Open Ecosystem: Enabling the best customer experience

Open Ecosystem: Enabling the best customer experience

Exclusive MWC sneak peek into a major milestone of Volkswagen Group in-car experience

At CARIAD, we’re taking the digital in-car experience to the next level. Seamlessly connecting our customers’ digital lives with our cars: That’s how we see the future of software defined vehicles at Volkswagen Group.

Now, we’re ready to reveal a major milestone of our journey.

Invitation to sneak peek

To get a chance for an exclusive sneak peek and an interview with our experts on February 27th & 28th at MWC in Hall 4 please contact, +49 170 9264681.

The sneak peek and expert interviews will be under embargo until our official announcement on March 1st.

Invitation to the official launch

Announcement in Keynote “Open Ecosystem: Enabling the best customer experience” by Riclef Schmidt-Clausen, Senior Vice President Domain Intelligent Cockpit & Body

  • when: March 1st at 1:45 pm
  • where: Industry City stage

Deep Dive in our Panel Talk together with experts from CARIAD partners

  • when: March 1st, 5:15 pm - 5:45 pm
  • where: Industry City stage

Smart Mobility Reception with CARIAD: Join us for talks and drinks.

  • when: March 1st, 5:45 - 7:00 pm
  • where: Industry City lounge

CARIAD is the software powerhouse of Volkswagen Group. Its mission: To shape the mobility of the future – the automated and connected driving. Until 2030 up to 40 million Volkswagen Group
cars will run on CARIAD`s software.

CARIAD is working on a scalable technology stack comprising the software platform VW.os, a unified electronic architecture and a reliable connection to the VW.AC automotive cloud. Established in 2020, around 6,500 developers, engineers and designers worldwide unify their knowledge at CARIAD today. They contribute to the transformation of Volkswagen Group into a software-driven car company and aim to transform the car into an automotive experience that is seamlessly integrated into our digital life.

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