Olga Insua

General Manager, Angelini Pharma España

Speaker Bio

Olga Insua, General Manager of Angelini Pharma in Spain and Portugal, and Barcelona Health Hub Ambassador, stands out as a leader in the healthcare sector with a visionary, innovative, and dynamic approach. With a global career spanning over two decades in the management of pharmaceutical sales and marketing operations in Europe and the USA, Olga has fostered collaboration and communication, always putting patients and people first to drive change and modernize healthcare organizations. Her values, including respect, generosity, connection, open-mindedness, and belief in a greater purpose, have guided her leadership, enabling her to steer organizations towards success, support people's development, and lead change. 

Since taken leadership of Angelini Pharma in 2020, Olga has positioned the company as a leader in key areas such as Brain Health, ophthalmology, and Consumer Healthcare in the Iberian market. She has introduced the PLAY methodology to promote high-performing, self-organized, and multidisciplinary teams, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Her commitment to innovation and collaboration is centered on improving health and quality of life, always placing patients at the heart of all initiatives. 

With a strong commitment to strategic development, Olga's focus is always on growth, guidance, evolution, and exploring better ways to bring healthcare solutions to patients, alongside the most talented individuals in the industry, enjoying the process. Olga Insua embodies modern leadership in healthcare, with a comprehensive approach that prioritizes patient well-being and organizational advancement.