Romi Sumaria

Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Terra Quantum

Speaker Bio

Romi Sumaria is an entrepreneur, dedicated mentor, and investor, uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology, social change, and environmental sustainability. He is committed to advancing frontier and exponential technologies, ensuring equitable access, and leveraging these innovations for the greater good of society and the economy.

In his current role he is the Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Terra Quantum, one of the leading quantum technology companies globally. Working across all major sectors he is responsible for the scaling and commercialisaiton of solutions in quantum algorithms, compute and security whilst also supporting the growth of robust ecosystem. 

Romi's diverse career path has seen him making significant impacts across multiple sectors and geographies, including founding The Oblique Life—a company dedicated to incubating future leaders who integrate technology, governance, and ethics to create meaningful change. His experience also spans investment banking at HSBC, showcasing his versatile skill set.