Ausias Perez

Creative director,

Speaker Bio

Ausiàs Pérez, a València-born artist and designer in 1984, is the creative mind behind T.O.T Studio, established as a beacon of innovation in Barcelona's design landscape. Distinguished by a blend of strategic insight and a knack for merging art with technology, Ausiàs has developed a reputation for creating compelling brand narratives and identities that resonate deeply with today's digital-first audience.

At the heart of T.O.T Studio's ethos is the drive to explore new frontiers in design, making use of emerging technologies to offer fresh, dynamic visual solutions. T.O.T has become a hub for pushing the boundaries of conventional design, focusing on projects that blend creativity with practical innovation. His work, far from being just visually striking, is rooted in a deep understanding of contemporary culture, enabling brands to forge meaningful connections with their audiences.