Craig Jones

Cybercrime Director, INTERPOL

Speaker Bio

With more than three decades in law enforcement, Craig Jones leads the INTERPOL Global Cybercrime Programme. The Programme aims to reduce the harm caused by cybercrime impact worldwide through threat response, operations, and global law enforcement capacity building. To do so, INTERPOL strongly promotes Public-Private Partnerships for robust cybercrime intelligence and offers regional support through collaboration with Cybercrime Unit Heads globally.
In addition to managing many significant international projects, Mr. Jones holds various advisory roles in prominent organizations including the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity.
Prior to joining INTERPOL, Mr. Jones held key roles in the UK law enforcement, coordinating responses to the National Cyber Security Programme. Known as a strategic thinker, he foresees the impact of broad developments affecting the global cybercrime threat landscape, with the ultimate goal of building communities to protect communities through partnerships.