Hugo Pickford-Wardle

Founder, Startup Sherpas

Speaker Bio

I am a social entrepreneur on a mission to help the next generation start their careers with the skills to bring their ideas to life and financial freedom to pursue those ideas.

To do that I created 16x16, a free programme training teenagers to innovate and start their own business.

16x16 comes from our aim - To help teenagers generate £16k of their own revenue by the time they are 16 years old.

You can support this work by joining our Patreon -

I thrive on helping others bring their ideas to life and so am lucky to be the founder of Startup Sherpa where we help people in all sorts of businesses bring their ideas to life. We do this through our amazing community of coaches for adults.

Even better, we're a social enterprise. Every adult we help through the Startup Sherpa programme allows us to fund 1 teenager through the 16x16 programme. (I stole the idea from the water bottles. And that is secret number 1 to being a great innovator)

As I like the sound of my own voice and have plenty of failures under my belt I am well placed to champion failure. It's something we promote in the Startup Sherpa programme and it's something we promote to the teenagers through the 16x16 programme. We also promote it through the podcast I host - Fantastic Failures. Have a listen, you might like it.

Having always had 1 foot in the corporate world and 1 foot in the startup world I also help people still in their corporate roles make things happen that get called Product, Innovation, Digital or Transformation. I do this with Ninety in the Insurance space and through non-executive roles and coaching.

As an opinionated deep thinker I am allowing myself the luxury of writing a book about reframing corporate innovation as a project management discipline that should sit alongside agile in corporate organisation.