Nilsu Derici

Co-Founder/ COO, Wiser Media

Speaker Bio

I am the Co-Founder at Wiser Media 'Pinteres for Knowledge'. Our goal is to build the future of content discovery by combining AI and human curation. We currently have a monthly reach of 3M and are currently expanding in the US/UK market.

With over 3 years of experience in leading the operations, legal, and business development aspects of Wiser, I have helped shape the vision, strategy, and culture of the company, as well as secure funding, partnerships, and growth opportunities. My background in law, media technologies, and entrepreneurship has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complex and dynamic landscape of the content industry. I have a Master of Laws degree in International Law from Georgetown University, and I have worked as a legal and compliance specialist, a due diligence analyst, and a consultant for various startups, scale-ups, and trading companies. I also have a keen interest in media innovation, social impact, and AI, and I have been involved in academic research, advocacy, and leadership roles in these fields.