Micaela Giuhat

Director, Emerging Technologies, Government Affairs, Microsoft

Speaker Bio

Micaela Giuhat is Director, Emerging Technologies, Government Affairs. She joined the Microsoft Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs (CELA) Emerging Technologies team in August 2020. For the last couple of years, she has been focusing on emerging technologies, such as Quantum, PQC and 5G/6G. Prior to that, she held executive roles in several telecom companies, most recently she served as a Vice President of Market Strategy for Metaswitch Networks.
Micaela brings along more than 30 years of industry experience, with previous executive positions in leading Cloud Networking companies in the U.S as well as abroad.

She is the Chair of the Policy Committee of the Next G Alliance and served as co-chair of Working Group 3 under The Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) VIII, appointed by the Federal Communications Commission.
Her experience spans wireline and wireless communications, with focus on virtualization, security cloudification and 5G, in different roles, such as Product Management, Product Marketing, and M&A.
Giuhat holds a master in EE from the Romanian Polytechnic Institute, and an MBA from Ottawa University