Pasquale Marino

Founder & CEO, Mae

Speaker Bio

I am an impact-driven entrepreneur. I value the combination of humanistic and scientific approaches within the field of technology. I have a digital business background but art is became an important part of my life. And in this shifting paradigm, within the hyper-technological context we’re living in where many people feel disconnected and alienated, art plays an even more critical role in inspiring positive change. A deeper understanding and access to art can help people to express themselves, connect with others, and find new meaning in life. 

After years working in fast-growing Fintech startups such as N26, I discovered the therapeutic effects of art that were life-changing. That's when I transitioned to the art world with the mission to democratise access to art. In 2020 my brother and I started Maecenarte, a social platform to support artists monthly in exchange for art and we made partnerships with major art organizations and platforms such as the world's largest art database.Our latest venture, Mae, born from collaborative insights with neuroscientists and art therapists, debuted in private beta in 2023, aiming to empower people from any background to make art part of their daily life. 

My passions extend to art, music, technology, philosophy, literature, and political economics.