Jordi Miró

CIO, The Hotels Network

Speaker Bio

The Hotels Network CIO, previously CTO. Helping the company scale the product and technology teams. Introducing agile methodologies and best technology practices.

20 years of experience in multiple countries and company sizes. Passionate about my work. Love technology, business and operations.

Lernin Games coFounder. Founded in 2017 and sold it in 2019.

Worked as CTO at (acquired by Rakuten Group) for 5 and a half years. Joined the company when it was about 10 people and has lead the Engineering team since then (120 employees beginning 2015, 70 on Engineering) Helped to grow the business, technology and operations, and during the acquisition by Rakuten in summer 2012.

Several years in IT Consulting, focusing in banking and telecom. Started working in PwC Consulting (later acquired by IBM BCS), moved to DMR Consulting (actually Everis) and later to Venezuela and USA. Jordi was the co-founder of Mixsic LLC, a web technology company that built (a content delivery network in Latin America) and Feedtrace, a real-time recommendation engine for digital content that was sold to Real Time Media in 2011. He joined in April 2011.

Experience in developing businesses, leading teams in different project's phases, building architectures and businesses solutions, managing client's relationships, finding capital... Serial Internet Entrepreneur.