Nicholas Zylberglajt

CEO, Unmanned Life

Speaker Bio

As the CEO of Unmanned Life, I lead the world's first company that seamlessly orchestrates different types of autonomous drones and robots to unlock the full value of robotics. Powered by AI and 5G, our technology is solving the major problems that the world currently faces: a quest for sustainability, a need for better security, and a more reliable supply chain.

With more than 15 years of international experience in the technology and entrepreneurship space, I have a track record of innovation, fundraising, strategy, and business development in B2B, telecoms, logistics, and industry 4.0. I have worked and done business with leading corporations such as Telefonica, Swiss Post, TELUS, Swisscom, UPS, SEAT, Etisalat, AWS and more.

I am also a big believer in transatlantic relations and an alumnus of the prestigious International Visitors Leadership Programme run by the US State Department. I am passionate about promoting diversity in the European tech ecosystem and have supported more than 1500 startups in their growth journey in my previous roles in the non-profit sector.