Eva Diaz

CEO, Euthenia

Speaker Bio

Se has just founded Shaping The New, an organization focused on helping the companies and leaders to create the future on a disruptive world. Based on developing a new model of leadership  on values, authenticity and purpose, Shaping The New works with the C-level to develop through a strategy focused of integration and collaborative models on the key disruption drivers: culture, talent, market approach, sustainability, diversity, innovation and technology. 


From December 2022 is leading Euthenia initiative from Friedrich Naumann Foundation. Euthenia is a community of Top Senior Executive Women focus on developing executives capacities on young women in the Mediterranean countries to help on getting the gender parity on executive positions.


Furthermore, she is currently CEO of Appogeo Digital; Spanish capital company that develops mobility solutions. The company was founded in 2019 by Accenture partners and is focused on bringing technology closer to less digitized sectors such as seniors, healthcare and retail, and being the technology engine of broad projection start-ups.


She began her professional career in the consulting division of Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) and has gone through large companies such as Deloitte Consulting and KPMG to later be one of the founders of the Spanish division of Business Integration Partners.


In positions of the Management Committee since 1999, he has extensive experience in management and direction, business development strategy, managing complex environments and team development.