Dave Roscoe

Executive Vice President, Satellite Communications and Products, ORBCOMM

Speaker Bio

Dave Roscoe joined ORBCOMM in 2015 and leads the satellite communications and product group, including ORBCOMM’s satellite networks of OG2, IDP and OGx, as well as the design, development and volume manufacturing of ORBCOMM’s IoT device portfolio. He has over 25 years of combined experience across engineering, executive and technical management roles in the high-tech telecommunications sector and research environments. Prior to ORBCOMM, he worked at SkyWave Mobile Communications during the development of the GlobalWave and IDP satellite networks, and at the Communications Research Center as a senior RF/antenna design engineer where he developed a wide range of antennas, from low-frequency RFID tags to Ka-band phased-array communication antennas. Dr. Roscoe has earned a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters and PhD in Electrical Engineering with specializations in antennas and electromagnetics from the University of Manitoba. He holds 10 patents, has written 56 papers published in technical journals and was a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa.