Cayetano Carbajo Martin

Director, Telefónica

Speaker Bio

Cayetano Carbajo is Telecommuncation Engineer by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. In 1995, just after university, he joined Telefónica Móviles Spain as radio engineer. After working in radio engineering department, Cayetano is appointed manager for international projects for Telefónica Móviles. In 2000 he moved to Morocco where he was responsible of the network deployment of Medi Telecom. In June 2001 he becomes radio access director in Telefónica Móviles Corporate unit. In January 2003 he joined Telefónica Móviles México as CTO. In this exciting challenge, remains till May 2006 when he joined Telefónica SA as Technology Director. In October 2014 he was appointed Telefónica Deutschland CTO. In this position he faced the most challenging roll out project in the industry with a fast LTE deployment meanwhile obtaining the synergies due to the consolidation of Telefónica and Eplus networks. Since November 2019, Cayetano was appointed Director for Core, Transport and Service Platforms in the Global CTIO unit of Telefónica where he is pushing the transformation of Telefónica networks.

Cayetano received the Spanish Engineer of the Year award by Telecommunication Engineer association (COIT) in 2015.

Cayetano Carbajo was born 53 years ago in Cáceres (Spain); he is married and has two children of 19 and 15 years old.