Duncan Jones

Head of Cybersecurity, Quantinuum

Speaker Bio

Duncan Jones is a cybersecurity expert and the Head of Cybersecurity at Quantinuum. He has over 15 years of experience developing security solutions for global companies, with projects ranging from securing the backbone of the Internet to maintaining national ID systems. 

In his role at Quantinuum, Duncan oversees cybersecurity activities, including the development and commercialization of the Quantum Origin platform, which generates the strongest cryptographic keys in the world using quantum computers. He is a regular speaker and commentator on cybersecurity topics at events and in the media. Duncan is also a member of the World Economic Forum Quantum Cybersecurity Initiative.

Before Quantinuum, Duncan held senior roles in large technology companies. He has led teams in various disciplines, including innovation, research, and product management. He has worked across a range of industries, from hardware security to IoT.