Francisco Benedito

CEO & Co-Founder, ClimateTrade

Speaker Bio

Francisco Benedito is a visionary entrepreneur and environmental advocate, known for his leadership in leveraging technology for climate change solutions. As CEO and Co-Founder of ClimateTrade, an innovative climate technology company, he connects people with global climate action projects.


With 15 years in banking, Benedito shifted his focus to sustainability in 2017, launching ClimateCoin, the world's first crypto asset dedicated to combating climate change. Recognized at COP23, this paved the way for the establishment of ClimateTrade in 2019.

He's been acknowledged as one of the top 100 Latinos dedicated to climate action by Sachamama in collaboration with WWF, Forbes Spain also named him among the corporate leaders poised for disruptive change in 2022.

A sought-after speaker at climate conferences, he's known for his analytical prowess and has spoken at prestigious events like the Seoul Climate and Energy Summit, World Green Economy Summit, and R20 Austrian World Summit. ClimateTrade was featured at COP26 and COP27.

Benedito holds an MBA from Université Paris Nanterre and a law degree from Universidad CEO San Pablo, PDD IE Business School. His academic background, dedication to sustainability, and entrepreneurial talent position him as a global leader in the startup ecosystem and a catalyst for positive change.