Tamer Kadous

VP, Terrestrial Networks, Globalstar

Speaker Bio

Tamer Kadous joined Globalstar through the acquisition of XCOM-labs 5G technology. Tamer is currently the VP of Terrestrial Networks (TN) at Globalstar, responsible for building, commercializing, and selling 5G technologies for KPI-demanding applications with a focus on factory automation and Xtended Reality (XR). Under Tamer’s leadership, two XCOM-labs commercial systems have been built for licensed and unlicensed spectrum wireless technologies - these systems are currently under pre-commercial trials. Tamer is responsible for developing and monetizing TN applications over Globalstar’s n53 5G terrestrial spectrum, as well as exploiting the synergies between TN and NTN wireless communication use cases.

Before XCOM, Tamer worked in Qualcomm Research, designing and implementing wireless communication systems. He has held the role of Design Architect, Systems Lead, and Project Lead for a variety of projects focusing on wireless innovations in WAN and connectivity areas, including UMB (ultra-mobile broadband), WLAN, EV-DO, LTE, LTE-U, and MulteFire. Tamer served as the Chair of the MulteFire (MF) Alliance Radio Working Group from 2016 to 2018, leading the development of the first specifications on standalone cellular deployment in unlicensed bands.