Ilya Abramov

VP GM Messaging, Anti-Fraud and Security Products, Mavenir

Speaker Bio

Ilya Abramov is the VP and General Manager of the Security and Messaging Products at Mavenir. He has focused on mobile messaging, security, fraud detection and revenue assurance in mobile networks for the last ten years. Ilia is a member of The GSM Association’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG), participating in various discussions on security improvements within the industry. Under Ilia’s leadership, Mavenir has developed and successfully deployed new generations of products leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning principles significantly increasing the efficiency of fraud detection, network protection, and revenue recovery. Prior to Mavenir, Ilia was with Xura/Acision, where he began forming the security proposition while leading messaging products and held various positions in R&D and Product Management. Prior to working in the telecom industry, Ilia was a business consultant and solution architect at IT Co., focusing on process automation and industrial applications. Ilia holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University.