Thomas Eder

Head of Embedded Wireless, NOKIA

Speaker Bio

Thomas Eder is an experienced R&D and Business Leader who has contributed to the wireless networks telecommunications industry for over 15 years. As the head of Nokia's Embedded Wireless Solutions organization, Thomas is responsible for introducing industrial and mission-critical private wireless 5G networks, as well as Nokia Drone Networks.

With a strong background in mobile communication infrastructure, software, hardware, and testing, Thomas has developed a unique set of skills that enable him to design and develop robust solutions that meet the needs of customers. His work with Nokia Drone Networks has been particularly noteworthy, providing advanced solutions for surveillance, maintenance, and inspection.

Thomas is a recognized leader in business and R&D, with expertise in mobile networks and robotics technology. As a Board Member of the GSMA ACJA, he combines his ecosystem and business management skills with his technological background to create innovative solutions for the mobile communication space.

In addition to his professional achievements, Thomas is also an active division leader of a voluntary fire station. In his free time, he enjoys exploring his interests in Formula 1 technology, running, and climbing.