Gregorio Ameyugo

Head of Division, AI & Interactive Systems, CEA

Speaker Bio

Greg Ameyugo is the head of the AI and Interactive Systems division at the French Atomic Energy Commission, one of the world’s top research and technology organizations.

His team of 300 researchers and engineers develop technologies in perceptive AI, natural language processing, robotics, digital twins and virtual reality, IoT, and human-machine interfaces, transfer them to industry partners in every sector, worldwide or to one of their twelve spinoff startups.

From the first brain-controlled exoskeleton used by a tetraplegic patient to walk again, to force-feedback telepresence a thousand kilometers away, wins in the Waymo challenge and the international Robothon, Greg’s teams make an impact where humans converge (and sometimes collide) with the physical and digital worlds.

Greg has a doctorate in Aerospace Engineering and worked for Rolls-Royce, Indra and the Airbus group before joining CEA. He has since helped bring over 50 new tech-based products and solutions to market, and consults regularly for companies, governments and international institutions on AI and technology strategy and policy. 

Greg sits on the board of several companies and institutions. He is (apparently) a ferocious karateka, and lives in Paris with his wife and four children.