Nuria Pastor Hernandez

Co-Founder & CEO, humanitcare

Speaker Bio

Currently, is the CEO and Co-founder at humanITcare, which is implemented in over 3 main countries, and fast-growing implementation in the healthcare market. 

Nuria has more than 10 years of experience in Digital Health. She has a BA in Clinical Psychology from a top 100 university, a Cum-Laudem Master's in Research and Neuroscience from UAB, and completed Stanford's Business Excellence Scale-up program. She transitioned from Senior Researcher at Hospital del Mar Research Institute to co-founding HumanITcare in 2018. As a Board Member of Catalonia Bio Health Tech, she's a leading figure in Digital Health and international business development, driving healthcare innovation. Nuria and her team have received prestigious awards as the European Innovation Council (European Union) granted 2.5M€ for the novel product developed at humanITcare. She is also the Vice-President II at Catalonia Bio Health Tech.