Digital Health & Wellness Summit - The Digital Health Strategy for Catalonia: Advancing Towards the Open Platform Paradigm


Wed, 28 Feb: 12:45 - 13:00 CEST

Pre-registered & Approved have priority


Sky Stage, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


Session Description

With roughly 8 million inhabitants, Catalonia has been considered a forerunner of eHealth adoption in Europe. Since 2006, a robust information exchange deployment has allowed healthcare providers within the public health system to share clinical information. Currently, the region is implementing a comprehensive digital strategy—it is just one of the few ambitious initiatives transforming European health information systems. In this session, we will deep dive into the plan and focus on one of its key initiatives: developing a new longitudinal Electronic Health Record building on the paradigm of open knowledge-driven platforms and the critical investments associated with this deployment.

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