Inspiring Green Futures through AI and Entrepreneurship

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Wed, 28 Feb: 09:00 - 13:00 CEST

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Beta Lab, Hall 8.1 - 4YFN


Session Description

09.00 – 10.00 - Ideas for a greener world

This panel brings together the Esade Entrepreneurship Institute, the Esade Center for Social Impact, and pioneering Greentech startups to explore innovative ideas for a sustainable future – where entrepreneurship meets social impact for a greener world.

Moderator: Davide Rovera - Esade Eworks manager

Speaker: Alba Forns - COO & Co-founder at Climatize 

Speaker: Alfredo Saenger - COO & Co-founder Electrogenos Ltd 

Speaker: Marc Miralles - Head of Sustainability at Suma Capital 

Speaker: Suzanne Jenkins - Manager, Esade Center for Social Impact 


10.15 – 11.00 - Forget ‘AI ready’ – Now it’s AI FIRST”

This panel explores how organizations can transition from mere ‘AI readiness’ to actively shaping strategies around AI. Gain insights on designing and implementing effective AI strategies that lead to innovation and competitiveness.

Moderator: Esteve Almirall - Professor at the Esade Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences

Speaker: Markus Reinisch - VP Public Policy Europe and Global Economic Policy at Meta

Speaker: Tatxo Benet - CEO of Mediapro 

Speaker: César Velasco - Innovation & Digital Strategy Director, AstraZeneca

Speaker: Gloria Macías-Lizaso - Partner at McKinsey & Company - Digital Transformation Advisor 


11.15 – 12.00 - Sustainable futures: bridging talent values and corporate success

Embark on a journey into the future with our Mobile World Congress panel – where student values, professional insights, and HR strategies converge for a dynamic discussion. Join us as we explore the vital link between companies embracing sustainability and their ability to attract top talent. Let’s discover how the sustainability ambitions of the rising generation align with the trends and strategies shaping corporate environmental innovation.

Moderator: Maja Tampe - Academic Director of the Esade Master of Science in Sustainability Management

Speaker: Alexandre Téchy - Product Analytics Manager, Ecovadis

Speaker: Alicia Paricio Martin - Director of HR for Southern Europe, ERM

Speaker: Borja Segura - Sustainability Manager, ClimatePartner

Speaker: Ximel Bladh - Autodesk Sustainability Ambassador 


12.15 – 13.00 - How can we make machine learning sustainable?

Learn about the environmental impact of training AI models and how machine learning can contribute to environmental mitigation. Experts will reflect on the balance needed for using AI responsibly and so avoiding unintended environmental consequences.

Moderator: Irene Unceta - Academic Director of Esade Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Speaker: Idoia Salazar - Founder and president of the Observatory of the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence (OdiseIA) 

Speaker: Paloma de la Puente - Sustainability expert. Partner Conese

Speaker: Joan Ramon Mallart - Director, IBM Consulting Experiences

Doors Open: 08:50

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