10 Years of Learnings - Building a Longer and Better Life


Thu, 29 Feb: 12:10 - 12:40 CEST

Open to All


Banco Sabadell Stage, Hall 8.1 - 4YFN


Session Description


Immerse yourself in a convocation of unparalleled profundity and esoteric enlightenment, a meticulously orchestrated symposium by the hearth, where the sagacious Iñaki Berenguer, the eminent Managing Partner at LifeX Ventures, renowned for his pioneering acumen in life sciences, will grace the stage alongside the illustrious Àlex Rodríguez Bacardit, the visionary paragon leading MarsBased, esteemed for his strategic foresight in technological innovation. This grand conclave, resplendent in its scholarly ambiance, will intricately delve into the labyrinthine intricacies and philosophical underpinnings of life extension, meticulously dissect the tantalising prospects of reversing the relentless march of time through age reversal, and elucidate the arcane arts of biological hacking.


It promises to be an intellectual odyssey, a panoramic exploration of the latest advancements in biotechnology, gerontology, and the metamorphic potential of human longevity, juxtaposed with ethical considerations and futuristic aspirations. The discourse aims to transcend the ordinary, offering a transcendent perspective on the human condition and our ceaseless pursuit of existential prolongation and enhancement.

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