The Interplay of Political Instability, AI, Marketing and Advertising


Mon, 26 Feb: 13:20 - 13:45 CEST

Open to All


Banco Sabadell Stage, Hall 8.1 - 4YFN


Session Description

Join us for a thought-provoking fireside chat with Sir Martin Sorrell, the visionary mind behind WPP's global success. Explore the intricate interplay between political instability, artificial intelligence, and the dynamic landscape of marketing and advertising. Delve into Sir Martin's insights as he shares groundbreaking strategies and innovative approaches that redefine the future of communication. Gain exclusive perspectives on how these converging forces shape consumer behavior, drive industry trends, and revolutionize traditional advertising paradigms. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the pivotal role of AI and geopolitical dynamics in shaping the next frontier of marketing and advertising.

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