Go Cloud or Go Home!

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Tue, 27 Feb: 11:00 - 11:45 CEST

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MWC Stage B, Hall 6


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While most of the industry realises the necessity of shifting to the cloud to thrive in the modern connectivity landscape, there is still some reluctance and a need to accelerate adoption. With hyperscalers and other cloud service giants leading the way, the overall CSP ecosystem has been and is currently experiencing a significant transformation, and it is clear that those who do not embrace cloud technologies risk becoming obsolete. 


A cloud-first telco strategy is driven by the recognition that cloud technologies offer the agility, flexibility, softwarization of the network and cost-effectiveness necessary to meet the evolving demands of today’s customer. It places the cloud at the core of its operations, enabling a faster response to market changes, increased innovation, and the ability to scale services more efficiently. 


While the transition to a cloud-native architecture provides significant benefits, it also poses challenges related to legacy integration, security, quality of service, and vendor lock-in. 


Join us as we hear from experts on how these challenges are being addressed and explore the strategic approach required for a cloud-native future.

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