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Where do I go to register?

All registrations must be completed online before arriving at the venue. To start your registration please go to our website.


Can I register onsite?

No. We no longer have registration facilities onsite and all attendees must be registered before they arrive.

If, for some reason, your registration is not complete or you are registering for the first time, you will need to use your mobile device (and mobile data) to complete your registration. You should allow extra time for this as you will also need to have your photo and ID checked which can take time at busy periods.


Is there a registration deadline?

The registration system remains open throughout the event, however ALL attendees need to have their identity checked before arriving at the venue and processing times vary. To avoid any issues, please make sure that you have completed your registration and had your ID checked before you arrive. Your registration account will clearly display whether you have completed all mandatory information and are ready to enter the venue.


I am having problems completing my registration, what can I do?

If you have any issues during your registration, we have a chat facility at - just look for the chat symbol in the bottom right hand corner.


How do I apply for a Press / Industry Analyst accreditation?

To apply for a Press / Industry Analyst pass please visit the Press Zone first to check our application criteria. Then select the Apply Now button at the bottom of the registration website.


I applied for Press / Industry Analyst Accreditation and am still waiting to hear if it has been accepted.

The Press Team is reviewing your accreditation request and they will respond to you shortly to advise if you have been approved. Please be aware that this process can take up to a week to be completed.

If you feel that your application has been declined in error please contact a member of the GSMA Press Team at [email protected]


Can I register for more than one person?

No, you can only register in full for your own pass.

You can purchase passes for others by selecting Group Purchase from your registration account home page. Once purchased, attendees must log into their own accounts and complete the photo and ID submission process. Attendees will be refused entry to the event if this information has not been provided, and verified before they arrive at the venue.


How do I get my GSMA Member discount code?

Please check the process here


My code has expired

If your registration code has expired, please contact the person who sent you the code for assistance.


Are there any registration or discount codes available?

Invitations are sent exclusively from Exhibitors, Partners and Sponsors directly to their staff and guests.

Only attendees from GSMA Member organisations are eligible for a discount on pass purchases. For more information on becoming a GSMA member, please visit the GSMA website or email [email protected]


How can I register for the Ministerial Programme?

The Ministerial Programme is an invitation only event targeted at senior government and industry representatives.

All information about the event can be found on the Ministerial Programme website.


I have problems with my registration code, what can I do?

If you have issues with your registration code, please contact the company who sent you the invite in the first instance. If the code is valid but still not working, please contact [email protected]


How can I register myself as a speaker?

If you have been confirmed as a Conference / Keynote speaker, you will be contacted directly by the speaker management team with instructions on how to register.

If you are speaking at an event or programme other than the official Conference programme, please contact the organiser for that event for instructions on how to register.


How can I upgrade my pass?

You can upgrade your pass from the home page of your registration account.