Minor’s Authorization of Access Form

Thank you for your interest in bringing along a minor to MWC Barcelona 2024. The GSMA are committed to providing you and your minor with a safe experience at the Event.
As part of our pre-approval process to ensure that we can properly accommodate your minor at the Event please submit the following Minor’s Authorization of Access Form. 
Please note the approval process can take up to 72 hours. However, we will notify you by email of the outcome as soon as possible.
Step 1: Minor Details
This is the consent collection form referenced in the Attendee Terms and Conditions which you have agreed to when registering for the above-named Event. Anyone wishing to bring a minor to the Event must promptly request prior approval from GSMA by completing this consent collection form in advance.

Please Note: you can add additional minors by clicking on "Add another response"
Step 2: Responsible Guardian Details
Complete all information regarding yourself required below. 

Please ensure you bring this document with you at all times.

Please Note: You must enter the email address that you used to register for your pass. Failure to insert the correct one will result in a rejection and you will be asked to start the process again
Step 3: Acknowledgement
Please read the below before you provide your consent. Failure to provide your consent will prevent your application from proceeding.

(i) Events are not designed for or targeted towards minors (and, therefore, may not be a suitable      environment for them;

(ii) I am bringing the minor to the Event at my sole discretion and at my own risk;

(iii) Minors are not allowed into the Event venue during build-up and dismantling days;

(iv) I will accompany the minor at all times at the Event, ensuring the minor’s care and the minor’s compliance with the Event rules and regulations, including any Event health and safety protocols which may be applicable;

(v) The minor does not suffer from any medical condition or disease that might in any way hinder or prevent the minor from attending the above-named Event. If the minor starts feeling unwell, I commit to leave the Event venue with the minor;

(vi) I am bringing the minor to the Event for a different purpose other than for employment or child labour, as expressly forbidden by law; and

(vii) I will ensure the minor brings their valid ID document if required. Failure to present it upon request will prevent the minor from accessing the venue. 

Step 4: Confirmation