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Get ready to learn and be inspired by recognisable names from our industry. Join the world’s most successful leaders, innovators and boundary-breaking pioneers at Connected Impact.

*Danielle Royston* CEO, TelcoDR

Danielle Royston CEO, TelcoDR

"Telco’s major decision makers will be at MWC Barcelona at the end of June, and I can’t wait to be among them. These are the people that matter: they are changing, shaping, and driving the industry forward. Together, we’ll be leading the conversation and calling the shots on the future of telco. We know the future will be about embracing the public cloud and MWC will be an opportunity to build this awesome community of cloud pioneers and free-thinkers. So join in to meet with the forward-looking innovators, and I’ll see you in person in Cloud City!"

*Eugene Kaspersky* CEO, Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky CEO, Kaspersky

"Kaspersky is looking forward to attending MWC Barcelona as it remains one of the key platforms to discuss the development of digital technologies and the essential role that cybersecurity plays in keeping them safe. Following all of the health and safety measures put forward in the Committed Community plan, we aim to provide the best experience for both in-person attendees, as well as those who prefer to participate virtually, thanks to the hybrid format of the event."

*Caroline Casey* Founder, The Valuable 500

Caroline Casey Founder, The Valuable 500

"The global ecosystem of mobile operators and internet service providers has significant power to drive forward the disability inclusion agenda across the whole business supply chain. In a time when digital connectivity has never been so important as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the technology industry has the potential to be one of the greatest enablers when it comes to disability inclusion. From ensuring accessibility on all devices and online platforms is made readily available to all disability categories. Inclusion drives innovation. Much has already been achieved by digital service providers and I am excited by what 5G will enable for disabled people."

*Zina Cinker* Director General, AMPT

Zina Cinker Director General, AMPT

"For many of us MWC Barcelona will be the first physical event we will have attended in 1.5 years. It is the harbinger of hope and return... not to a "normal" world but to a more evolved world both societally and technologically. No better way to resume business interactions and touch, feel and experience the newest leaps in technology than at the MWC Barcelona in June"

*Julie Sweet* CEO, Accenture

Julie Sweet CEO, Accenture

Having taken over the CEO role at Accenture in September 2019, she has been referred to as “one of the most powerful women in corporate America” by the New York Times. One of only 15 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Julie has not only been a remarkable executive at Accenture, but a leading voice in favour of diversity, inclusion and workplace gender parity. Few companies have as far a reach as Accenture, working and advising countless companies across all sectors.

In an event such as MWC21, which aims to showcase “Connected Impact”, few executives embody that mantra as well as Julie Sweet and her team at Accenture.

*Arvind Krishna* CEO, IBM

Arvind Krishna CEO, IBM

IBM is one of the largest and most influential companies in the world, and under new leadership, is gearing up for the cloud era. Traditionally an infrastructure vendor, IBM has countless times shifted their resources to meet modern demand and services, and the cloud is their next big bet.

*Nik Storonsky* Founder & CEO, Revolut

Nik Storonsky Founder & CEO, Revolut

Revolut have (at risk of sounding redundant) revolutionised the banking market. By creating an online financial services firm, offering services such as currency exchange, international transfers, ATM services, etc, they’ve tapped into the need for simplicity in a growing complex world. According to Forbes, Revolut is one of Europe's top unicorns, having as of 2020. Now, the next steps in Revolut’s journey begins, by tackling the enterprise services sector.

I am excited to share with Mobile World Congress 2021 how Revolut is preparing for the next step in our mission to build the first global financial super app, and what this will mean for consumers and businesses alike.

— Nik Storonsky

CEO and Founder of Revolut

*Xu Ziyang* CEO, ZTE

Xu Ziyang CEO, ZTE

In a complicated geopolitical environment, ZTE continues to provide crucial and ground-breaking technological breakthroughs that are driving 5G and future-network deployment and readiness around the globe.

It has been a year of changes and uncertainty. We appreciate GSMA's great effort and fully support the plan to bring partners back in June next year for MWC21. It will not only be an event to see technologies and Solutions, but more importantly to connect and find out how the industry can contribute to our society in the future. We look forward to joining GSMA and welcoming you in Barcelona!

— Xu Ziyang


*Cristiano Amon* President & CEO-Elect, Qualcomm Incorporated

Cristiano Amon President & CEO-Elect, Qualcomm Incorporated

Cristiano will be taking over as CEO of Qualcomm Inc this June, and MWC21 Barcelona will be his chance to layout his vision for the company. As we see countless industries having to quickly digitalise, and move their assets to the cloud, together with the increased demand for 5G services, he has the exciting task ahead of maintaining and enlarging Qualcomm’s leading role as a key partner across the entire digital ecosystem.

*Mathew Oommen* CEO, Reliance Jio

Mathew Oommen CEO, Reliance Jio

The increasing demand for digital services and the need for telcos to reinvent themselves as digital factories has been at the heart of Reliance Jio’s rapid rise from founding to its current state as a major player in India. Their successful partnership model has meant services were widely available to their subscribers, offering tangible benefits over their competitors, and the gamble on its own digital transformation, and enabling that of its enterprise customers, has clearly paid off.

Matt will outline their next steps, because after all, where do you go after disrupting an entire sector?

*Ana Maiques* CEO & Founder, Neuroelectrics

Ana Maiques CEO & Founder, Neuroelectrics

During uncertain times such as the COVID pandemic, Neuro Electrics has thrived and sped up the roll-out and development of their product. Their brain monitoring and stimulation technology allows for remote diagnosis and monitoring of patients, a critically important factor during the pandemic. This has translated into the FDA greenlighting Neuroelectrics to help and follow-up depression patients from their home, a step which would have taken far longer in normal times.

Ana and her team are an example of bringing remote connectivity together with patient monitoring and treatment to create real impact in people’s lives.

*Yang Jie* Chairman, China Mobile

Yang Jie Chairman, China Mobile

2020 has been a busy year for China Mobile, the world's largest operator in terms of subscribers. With 5G network build-out targets ahead of schedule, 5G subscribers are now nearly reaching 70 million, cementing their place at the top of the 5G charts.

Be in no doubt Yang Jie and his team will not be resting on their laurels for 2021.